Great document - small bits of feedback


I just read your document - top class effort :-) I had some small bits of feedback based on my first reading;
Page 8: Seems to imply there's no VideoBrush in Silverlight but there is and the document mentions it later on.
Page 13: Might be worth saying that Blend 3 brings triggers, actions, behaviors in a common way to Silverlight and WPF.
Page 15: I think Silverlight 3 has a limited form of RelativeSource here.
Page 16/17: It'd be great to line this up with the event tunnelling/bubbling discussion on Page 30.
Page 22: Might be worth saying that BitmapEffects in WPF are (I think) deprecated and we have 2 effects Blur/DropShadow and that is the same in Silverlight 3 and the custom pixel-shader mechanism is the same too.
Page 23: Might be worth highlighting the lack of a tile brush means image/video brushes can't tile.
Page 33: Might mention the FormatString option in WPF.
Page 35: Might mention that binary encoding is in Silverlight 3
Page 53: Might be worth talking about the validation bits in Silverlight 3.
More generally...
It might be worth discussing differences in Accessibility.
A small section on Visibility [Collapsed/Hidden/Visible] ?
Might mention that WPF can display HTML via the Frame and the WebBrowser controls but Silverlight can't and lives "inside" HTML
On the network section - might be worth mentioning explicit ADO.NET Data Services libraries.
Thanks again for the document
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